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A new marketing piece by Galveston County’s Economic Development Department aims to attract new industry to the area by focusing on an outstanding quality of life and ample business opportunity.

The video is a compilation of Galveston County’s many attributes that might appeal to businesses looking for a new location in areas such as workforce, education, transportation, infrastructure and an abundance of shovel-ready sites.

A household hazardous waste collection event is scheduled for April 8, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Gulf Greyhound Park (located at1000 FM 2004, La Marque, TX 77568).

The City of League City, City of Dickinson, and Keep Dickinson Beautiful have teamed together, with a grant from Houston-Galveston Area Council and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to host the event.

“This is a great opportunity for Galveston County,” said Bridget Kramer, Communications Coordinator and Project Coordinator for the grant. “Galveston County has more than 300,000 people and there are no household hazardous waste venues within the county.”

The event is open to all Galveston County residents.

Lemonade Day logoLemonade Day is a free, fun, experiential learning program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand. It began in Houston, Texas in 2007. Since then, it has grown from 2,700 kids to 120,000 kids in 31 cities across America and Canada in 2011 – including ours!

The foremost objective of Lemonade Day is to empower youth to take ownership of their lives and become productive members of society – the business leaders, social advocates, volunteers, and forward thinking citizens of tomorrow.

Lemonade Day Galveston County is presented and organized by the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce. Galveston County youth of all ages, from pre-K through high school, can register to set up an official Lemonade Day stand. Don’t forget to “like” Lemonade Day Galveston County on Facebook here!

This year, the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce has partnered with MyBayArea Radio and MyBayArea.Community to help spread the word throughout all of Galveston County and beyond! We have scheduled additional kick-off events in League City and Texas City, and we hope to bring on additional locations very soon! See the Kick-Off Events here: League CityTexas City and Clear Lake Shores / Kemah!

It’s time once again for Ron Carter Clear Lake Cadillac Hyundai to step up and acknowledge the future leaders from the Greater Clear Lake Area High School community.

As in the past, Ron Carter Clear Lake is proud to honor and support these seniors by awarding five college scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each. Outstanding students will be selected beginning in March and ending in May. Applications will be accepted February 1st, 2017 through April 30th, 2017.

The scholarship is open to high school seniors in Clear Lake and surrounding areas of Clear Creek ISD, Alvin ISD, Deer Park ISD, Pasadena ISD, Dickinson ISD, LaPorte ISD, Pearland ISD and Friendswood ISD. Students from parochial and home schools within the boundaries of these districts are also eligible.

Recipients will be chosen based on academic achievement, character, leadership and community service. Scholarship applications and detailed instructions can be found here.

Ron Carter Clear Lake Cadillac Hyundai is an automotive retailer located on Interstate 45 south in Friendswood, Texas. It is a family owned and operated business that is the fastest growing Cadillac Dealer in Houston and the number one volume Hyundai Dealer in the Houston area. In recent years, Ron Carter Clear Lake has tripled their workforce at the dealership and continues to be an industry leader in sales and service. Please drop by our showroom in person or visit us online at

There have been over 50 Christmas events in the Houston Bay Area from LaPorte to Pearland and south through Galveston Island. I’m sure there is an even larger number, since we had over 30 events on the weekend of the 10th and 11th! Bottom-line: the Bay Area has a lot of Christmas events!
Some of the events may run you a good $100 bill or more for a family of 4, so the budget-conscious family may feel like there may not be a large number of realistic options! Then we attended the Dickinson Festival of Lights!

Looking for events usually starts with how much will it cost to get in! The Festival of Lights is absolutely free! There is no cost to get in, and there really is nothing you HAVE to pay for during the entire evening.

I want to mention parking here, because typically parking is a nightmare for most Christmas events. Festival of Lights runs for a good number of days, so there isn’t a mad rush to it, but parking could still be a question. Fortunately, Dickinson and the volunteers have set up a very well organized shuttle bus system in the Boot Barn Parking lot on I-45 at 517. They have a great queue system for busy nights, and they run enough buses to keep the crowds moving. Yes, the shuttle is free!
You can park across the street from the festival, if space is available, for $5-10.

The Festival of Lights is an activity in itself. Once you arrive in Paul Hopkins Park, you are greeted by a lighted path. You are asked to follow the path to journey through the festival. Along the lighted path are 10,000’s of Christmas lights and unique displays that are exciting to see. You can quickly move through the paths or you can slowly stroll and take in every single light!
As I said, you really could go through the park, see the lights, have a great enjoyable night, and spend nothing. The event is run on donations, I will get to that later, but your family doesn’t have to spend anything on the event.
If you have a small budget for activities, you can really do a lot more at Festival of Lights. As you progress through the lighted path, Santa Claus is the first activity you come to in the park. Everyone is welcome to see Santa, and you can even take your own picture with Santa for free (who does that?)! If you want a picture taken by the staff and printed on the spot, you will have to spend just $5.
As we left Santa, a volunteer had two large bags of toys. They invited our two children to take a toy from the bag at no cost! There was a large bin for donations, and I would highly suggest a donation is given. However, it is pretty cool they have toys available and just ask for a donation!
After Santa, you will arrive at most the other activities available. They have set up this area in a large open space, so there really is minimal congestion. Busy nights could get crowded, but there is plenty of room to spread out.
You can decorate a cookie in the Cookie Factory for $1, but the long can get long. It is still only $1 to go in decorate a cookie and spend some extra time at the Festival. When we attended, we saw a talking police dog in the open area as well!

The Festival is not configured to guilt you into dining at the park. If you choose to eat, they have a great selection of very affordable options. We got 4 cups of hot chocolate and two orders of nachos for $8. If we had added 4 hot dogs, we would have spent a whopping $12! There are also quite a few other options in the $1-$4 range.

I know how it is. You walk into a festival, concert, and just about anything focused on kids, and there are the toy booths. “I want one” is screamed over and over, and the freak out over a toy happens. Many places, these toys are over-priced, and you look like the bad parent when you say no.
Not at Festival of Lights. There is a Blinky Hut. They have necklaces, 3-D glasses, toys, and a few other items available. These are also priced $1-$5. Besides great prices, it is also hidden away in a hut on the 2nd half of the tour. If you want to usher your child along, you can. You wouldn’t have to stop, and your kids can just enjoy more lights! We bought 2 necklaces, 2 pairs of glasses, and two blinky rings for $9!

I think it is evident this is a great event. Everything offered makes this worth attending. We realized once we left how affordable it was for a family of 4. Here is breakdown of our night:
Santa Picture = $5
Snack for 4 = $8
Blinky Hut = $9
Donation = $7

The Festival of Lights is a great event to attend. This was our first year, and I think it will be an annual tradition. Throughout the festival, they remind you with signs that this event is produced solely on donations and volunteers. I spent money at the event, but I only had $7 in cash left at the end of the evening for donations. I encourage you to plan to donate before you go. These volunteers put on a great festival, and it is a great family experience!

Groups: Call Mary Dunbaugh – (281) 337-2795
1000 Fm 517 Rd E
Dickinson, TX 77539